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Caption for Lympne, Village C1955: Lympne is a very ancient place indeed, and stands on a hilly scarp overlooking Romney Marsh. The Victorian art critic John Ruskin loved to walk the breezy heights here. Nearby are the ruins of a Roman fort, a medieval castle and a church, and there is a still-extant Roman road. The Roman fort once enclosed several acres of coastal land and must have been a powerful stronghold for the occupying army. The pub seen here was, and still is, much-used on this busy but pleasant route. H G Wells set part of his story 'The First Men in the Moon' in Lympne.

An extract from Villages of Kent Photographic Memories.

Memories of Lympne, Village c1955

That pub is the County Members. We lived just round the corner, in the Street, which leads to the Castle. Between us and the pub, was an old farmhouse, which became the Castle Tea Rooms for a short while. My mum cleaned at the pub, which was three old cottages knocked into one, resulting in the living accommodation being at (...Read full memory)

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