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Caption for Lyndhurst, On Brockenhurst Road 1918: Some people are fortunate enough to live away from the towns and in the heart of the New Forest, their old cottages looking as much a part of nature as the trees and furze. It is difficult to estimate how many Forest dwellers lost their homes with the creation of William's hunting forest.

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Hi My partner owns the cottage to the left of the main Romsey road, that is Ivy cottage, next to Puckpit cottage the side of which adjoins cadnam road, Joyce purchased this in 1997 when she left the Isle of Wight and took up lectures post at Southampton Univercity. Joyce wanted to be in Lyndhurst as she grew up their, (...Read full memory)

PMX739377 SIR!. Yes. I was stationed in the Grand Hotel during my training in the RN to become an Electrical Artificer,The song I remember most was "Underneath the spreading chestut tree" which was often played in the little cafe in the High Street where we spent a lot of our "shore leave". Our practical work was in a (...Read full memory)

My mother says the two white pillars at the entrance to the Grand Hotel once supported an archway. During WW2 the Royal Navy housed sailors in the hotel who were bussed out each day. The bus was too tall to go under the archway and so they decided to blow up the arch. The resulting explosion shattered every window in the hotel and was heard all over the village!

Painted by Victorian artist Frederick, Lord Leighton

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