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Berkshire Photographic Memories

Berkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Maidenhead, Boulter's Lock 1925' appears in this book

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Caption for Maidenhead, Boulters Lock 1925: Boulters Lock is one of the River Thames' most famous landmarks, and during the Victorian and Edwardian periods drew large crowds of visitors in search of peaceful recreation. A boulter was another name for a miller.

An extract from Berkshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Maidenhead

We moved to Maidenhead in 1961, when I was 10. I didn't particularly want to but my parents said I could go and see "Village of the Damned" at the ABC cinema on the day we moved and that swung it for me - I was easily pleased. My parents bought their first house here - a maisonette - for about 2000. Times have (...Read full memory)

My Grandfather Joesph Thomas Brooks, was a Thames Conservancy employee/ferryman etc.. and on retirement worked as a boatman at The Hungaria. I remember him proudly showing me a guinea on his watchchain, given to him by King Edward VII. Roy Hole.

I am wondering if anyone remembers my grandfather Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Simon. He had a practice in Maidenhead in a house called Marlborough along the river next to the sounding bridge but the entrance to his surgery was at the back entrance. His patients included the actress Betty Davis who used to stay at Skindles Hotel, (...Read full memory)

Ah - so someone else was at Fox's at Skindles? I was there too, quite a lot with my boyfriend (now husband), we've been married since 1981. We used to go and see the bands, Budgie, Thin Lizzie - music so loud it would never be allowed today with all this 'Health and Safety' lark. We actually saw people's ears bleeding! (...Read full memory)

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