Maidenhead, Bridge, The Toll House c.1905

Memories of Maidenhead

My mum Lois and I used to catch the blue bus from Dorney Reach and we would go to Maidenhead to visit the doctor or the dentist and then pop into the library where I would always pick a library book about animals.

Those of us of a certain age may remember going to a nightclub at Skindles in 1977 onwards, it used to be brilliant! It played heavy rock music and Thin Lizzy played there, also Budgie and Stray. There was an indoor swimming pool and a dancefloor that lit up with squares (like Saturday (...Read full memory)

I own a four decanter set, enclosed in a 10.5 " high by 8" square box, of Amboyna wood, with brass handles and edging, possibly Georgian. Also, held by a brass clip in the top of box, is a 3.5 " glass with the name "Skindles" above a large "S" with a line drawn diagonally through it. Thanks to the internet, and your (...Read full memory)

I am wondering if anyone remembers my grandfather Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Simon. He had a practice in Maidenhead in a house called Marlborough along the river next to the sounding bridge but the entrance to his surgery was at the back entrance. His patients included the actress Betty Davis who used to stay at Skindles Hotel, (...Read full memory)

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