A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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Childhood Memories

A Memory of Mistley.

I was born in 1951 and lived in Middlefield Road, Mistley with my parents, sister and brother. My maiden name was Lay - Flurrie. I attended Mistley Norman School in 1956 my teacher being Miss Temple, Headmaster was Mr Thompson. Other teachers were Mr James and Miss Jacklin. I remember having a bottle of milk everyday at school and when it was winter time the birds had pecked at the foil bottle top. I left Mistley Norman School in 1966 to attend Manningtree Secondary Modern.
In this year 1966 I had a paper round after school hours and I would cycle to Manningtree to pick the papers up and my first stop on the way back was Brooks on Mistley Hill where the workers would be waiting for their paper.
I have fond memories of times spent at Furze Hills, the old tree Nobbly which I would climb on, game keepers pond feeding the ducks and swans, also Blackberrying in the school holidays to earn a bit of pocket money by taking them to Abrahams shop where they would send them to the jam factory. It was also a great time when the fair would come to Furze Hills every year.
Saturday evening my Dad and I would walk to the Anchor pub which was a nice treat for me as we would go in the snug and I would have a packet of Smith's crisps with the blue salt packet, a Rich Tea Biscuit and a bottle of Coke while my Dad enjoyed his Pint of Brown Ale.
I also remember going to Rupert Edward's butcher's shop to get the weekend Joint of Topside for Sunday Lunch and also Notley's shop where the bread was baked and Good Friday picking up the lovely fresh Hot Cross Buns. I loved standing on Mistley railway bridge with my mum watching the Steam Trains going by.
My Dad was employed at Brooks Mistley and it was great at Christmas as they always had a Christmas party for us children. Plenty of food, drink games and a lovely present and not forgetting dear Father Christmas and Rudolph. Also every year Brooks would hold a Summer Fete on Mistley Place ground, Mistley Place was built for Edward Norman in 1821. Miss Jackson would also open her lake and have the rowing boats to go on which was great fun. I also remember in the winter time we were able to go on the lake which was solidly frozen over so we thought, didn't see any danger it was just so much fun.
Another popular event to be held in Mistley was on Mistley Green and it was the village fair which was held in August each year until the late 1960s.
So many fond memories of Mistley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With thanks to Heather Self for this memory of Mistley

Added 12 September 2011


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I was born in 1955 grew up in Manningtree and Mistley, and remember many of the things you mention, although we went to De'Ath's for our hot cross buns and to Cook's the butchers, both in Manningtree High Street. I particularly remember the Brooks Christmas party (I also got to go to the BX Plastics one), the gymkhana on Mistley Place Park (I think this was the summer fete you mention), and the Tendring Hundred Show. I also remember Miss Jackson. I used to deliver her Sunday paper (the Sunday Telegraph). She was very kind and would let you take a boat out on her lake any time if you asked her nicely.

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