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On the left is the King Edward VII Memorial Hall of 1914, with pleasure gardens behind. The building with two gables is the White Hart, damaged in the air raid of 18 February 1941. To the right is the Comet Kinema, which became the Kingsway from 1926 until 1977. Further on are the Jockey Club and a large shop, now Palmer's, dated 1832.

Other Memories from Newmarket

I have a copy of this postcard myself - the family kept it as the leading horse (on the left, closest to the camera is being ridden by my grandfather - Andrew Lindborg. The copy that I have is coloured, somewhat artificially.

I remember this paddling pool so well, when I was about 8 years old I would be there with my nana {in fact in looks like me in the pic}. She would sit on the bench in the pic and eat her rich tea biscuits. I begged her to let me swim every time we were there, I would mostly paddle though. One day the pool was empty and I was playing around the drain and I got my big toe stuck in it, I was really scared ...see more


Stationed at a nearby American Air Force base, I visited Newmarket frequently.  My favourite pub was in the Carlton Hotel.  I remember the murals between the front and back bars.  I preferred the back bar.  I and several other airmen took ballroom dance lessons upstairs in the Carlton.  Sadly, I never mastered those.  I had spent so many evenings in the Carlton, that when I left the UK the proprietors - Alf (Greene?) ...see more

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