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Norwich Photographic Memories

Norwich Photographic Memories

The photo 'North Walsham, Market Street c1955' appears in this book

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Caption for North Walsham, Market Street C1955: The fine, large town church is situated up an alley at the east end of Market Street and behind the market-place. Only remnants of its medieval tower survive. It collapsed in 1724, and was never rebuilt.

An extract from Norwich Photographic Memories.

Memories of North Walsham

The Clock Tower has been the focal point of North Walsham ever since it was built. I'm sure countless people have used it as a meeting place over the years. Latterly it has became synonymous for the younger generations to loaf about on when there has been nothing better to do. During the 70s I was (...Read full memory)

I'm reasonably sure this is the little alleyway that links Market Street to what is now known as St Nicholas Court.

I was a pupil at the Paston Grammar School from 1936-42. It was a wonderful school where boys from all over N.E. Norfolk made many friends so that when they left school and started work in the area, they co-operated in so many ways. Major Percy Pickford D.S.O., M.C. (Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry) was the (...Read full memory)

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