Northwich, Anderton Boat Lift c.1960

Memories of Northwich

My old school, unchanged when I was there in the mid/ late 70s. I returned for visit in 2007 old building unchanged then as well. Memories of wooden school rooms, chalk and those cranky mobiles from NE8 onwards.

In the 1950s ICI had what was even then a slightly old fashioned ethos - they cared for their employees beyond the workbench! In those days the workers participated in a share scheme which meant that workers benefitted financially from the company's successes. But more than that each Christmas this once great company (...Read full memory)

I started my working life here at Brunner House as a 16 yr old mail girl. I helped to sort out all the mail, then deliver to all of the offices. An opening became available in the filing room with Margaret Johnson. I got on very well with Margaret and had a lot of respect for her vast knowledge. I also (...Read full memory)

A regular feature of Saturday mornings was walking ( very carefully ) along the slightly hazardous foot-way across the top of the lock gate on my way to visit my grandparents in Moss Road. This was the short cut also taken by those teachers at the Grammar School who lived the other side of the Weaver. I recall Mrs Aplin saying that she got inspiration for her art classes of each day on that walk.

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