Northwich, Anderton Boat Lift c.1960

Memories of Northwich

This shop had solid soil floors. It was full of old junk which now I suppose would be classed as antiques. Joe Allman was the owner and was made to leave as the Council stated that the building was unfit for human occupation; another great blunder by the local council that seems to be hell bent on removing anything of (...Read full memory)

When I turned 13 my family moved from Warrington to Hartford, and although I only lived there for a little over four years, these four years provide some of the happiest times of my early life. 13 must be one of the worst times to start a new school in a new town, that I can think of. I attended Hartford Boys School (I (...Read full memory)

I was born in Bucklow Hill outside Altrincham in 1945. I lived at 60, Cromwell Rd, Winnington Park. At the age of 5 I started to attend Winnington Park Junior School. I was living with my grandparents at the time. My friends at that time were Frank Kidd, John Harrison, Roy Stanley, Roger Dickinson, John Flaherty (...Read full memory)

Me and my late twin brother started at this school in 1953, the school was mixed. We were the first ones to be there, it was a brand new school. Fred Beech was the headmaster, he was a grand man and would always listen to you. Mr Phipps was PE teacher, Mr Williams wood work, Miss Hunt music, Mr Bolton art, (...Read full memory)

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