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Other Memories from Nottingham

anybody remember forest road west with metal staircase to our bedsits ? No doubt all pulled down now but big high houses for us to live in while studying. CKStudents

I was born in 1951 and lived in Leicester St, St Ann's up until August 1967 when the family moved to Bestwood Park.Whilst living in St Ann's I had put up with an outside toilet,no central heating and no running hot water.What a luxury it was to live in Bestwood Park!!!

I remember the flying horse hotel I have fond memories of my auntie Kath working in the hotel kitchen at 8 years of age I'd go down the allyway at the side and tap on a window through the metal grid with a pencil run down the allyway and round into the back of the hotel where the turntable for cars were auntie would meet me there and take me into the kitchen the head chef was a big man and very kind I had lots of treats such a shame it's not there anymore 😕

i lived in newbasford i was born in my house at 3 high church street 1967 that house no longer exists the council knocked the area down 1978 i lost good friends and neighbours sadly my mum and dad are no longer around i had a wonderful childhood my memories will never fade of the new basford i remember

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