Memories of Oxted

In 1861, my great great grandmother was in service at Barrow Green Court as a nursery nurse. Her name was Mary Anne Scouse, aged seventeen. Between 1861 and 1871 my great great grandfather James Wood, was also working there as a footman. They worked for Charles Master and his family.

I was born in Springfield Road, Old Oxted in 1951.  I attended Beadles Lane School and Oxted County Secondary School.  I recall Old Oxted High Street when it was the main A25, before the by-pass, when the village shops consisted of Deans the shoe repairer, the post office that sold everything owned by Kath Cox, the butchers, (...Read full memory)

I used to have shorthand lessons with Miss Robinson ( I think I have the name right it was a long time ago) she lived with her sister in a chocolate box cottage which backed onto the church yard. Both the sisters seemed elderly to me then I am now 63. I did enjoy my mornings with her she made the most delicious hot chocolate mid (...Read full memory)

Has anyone any photos of Hollybush Farm, or any info on the Carman family that lived here during 1944 - 1958? Their names were Henrietta (known as Hatty) and Albert Carman. Photos of particular importance.

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