Pegwell, The Danish Viking Ship, 'hugin' c.1960
Photo ref: P20023
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I have a photo of my granddad with a large group of men & one lady who is seated in the middle of the front row(appox 80 men) it has the year 1934. I have no idea why he was there, all of the men look healthy & well dressed ?
Found a photo of group of patients. I know my dad, Frederick Welland was there because of convalescing from pleurisy/TB or some similar condition. Would like to have shard the photo, but appears not possible on this message site.
I have found a photo of my grandfather in 1947 I think it is him and would like to find out about why he would be there he is with a lot of other me I have found a photo in 1932 but can not find ant reference to 1947 thank you
I am doing family research on my father Frederick Smith from Coventry Warwks and recently came across a photo of a group dated 7th Sept 1953. Would love to find out more and possibly why my father was sent there. He passed away 10th Jan 1954.