Penzance, Trereife House c.1955

Memories of Penzance

This is where our family went when we where on holiday. My father came from Penzance and my auntie lived in custom house lane. This has loads of memories for me. Always walk up there when we come down from Somerset.

It was August 1955. School summer holidays and when they were over, it would be time for me to begin junior school back in my Midlands home town. My mother had been preparing for that big event, purchasing embroidered cloth school badges to sew onto a new blazer and matching cap. She'd purchased a new brown leather (...Read full memory)

As a boy I must have walked up and down Market Jew Street hundreds of times. In particular I along with friends would visit the local Woolworth's where we liked to partake of various flavoured "Milk Shakes" Later during our teens a special treat was to go upstairs at Liptons where we would indulge in a cup of (...Read full memory)

Opened in 1862 its closing and being converted to flats.

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