Memories of Rawmarsh

I lived on Kent Avenue (27) from 1953 to 1958, and I remember Teddy Barlow well, a lot of Kent Avenue was still under construction at that time , a fabulous playground for us kids, and a watchmen with a wooden leg (allegedly). We had a song as I remember which we used to shout at him. I think it went, Teddy Barlow sells (...Read full memory)

I remember playing footie on Tylers field and taking my bow there and firing it.  The best time was when the fair came and we'd go ont gallopers ort dodgems.  We'd use slope by Mr Carr's cobblers to go ont sledges.  Now it's a housing estate and theers no weer fort kids to play.

I was born and lived the first ten years of my life in Pottery Street. '2 up 2 down' terraced houses with outside toilet. Across the road lived Horace Murfin, a bookie who could always be seen around on his bike collecting betting slips. You could be guaranteed to watch a fight outside his house on Saturday nights (...Read full memory)

We used to go ont crags on nature rambles from Rosehill School.  At weekend it were our battlefield, we used firebrecks as trenches and fought WW2.  If we got beat we'd run tot roman banks and ambush others.

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