Memories of Risca

I've seen this photo in several places and it's always captioned as being 1965 - it's got to be before that because I lived in Channel View from 1960 to 63 just below those garages on the right of the photo - and in this photo the building hasn't even started. I can remember playing behind those garages - even creating a little (...Read full memory)

my grandparents lived in mount pleasant rd my father was born in Risca. Moriah hill my great grandfather kept The Western Valleys Inn, in the early 1900's

The public telephone in this picture of Tredegar Street was outside my father's butcher shop. There were only two buttons to press: button A and button B, but people were terrified of pressing the wrong one. My father, Gomer Mumford, used to do the phoning for lots of people. Sometimes coins would jam in the mechanism so he would (...Read full memory)

This picture is of my family home just under the quarry to the left. My father Glyndwr 'Pancho' Parry was one of the council machine drivers that had to fill in the canal between the Darren bridge and 'the now' cycle path entrance. He did not enjoy doing that as it was so close to home for us and we missed the scape of (...Read full memory)

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