Memories of Seahouses

A friend let me stay in her wee fisherman's cottage in Seahouses for an early holiday in March 2004. My wife Elizabeth and I drove up from our home in Watford through the unseasonal snow and we were quite worried about getting there at all! We had brought our elderly cat, Socks, with us as (...Read full memory)

Boat BK103 was named the 'Xmas Star'. I was skipper for 8 years between December 1957 and November 1965. The family had two new boats afterwards called Radiant Way BK210 and Radiant Way LH147.

I remember going to Seahouses for my first ever holiday (I may have been on others, but I don't remember them). It was in the early 80's and we were visiting Charlie + Lilian Dawson who were family friends of my grandparents. I remember very little, but some of the very clear memories I do have are going on a ride (...Read full memory)

A favourite family story is how my father took charge of us children for the morning and brought us to Seahouses from our cottage in Beadnell. On this occasion, age 5 or so, while walking/running along this very harbour wall. on those wooden sleepers by the edge of the harbour, (...Read full memory)

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