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Southleigh, Devon

My direct line ancestors were farmers in Southleigh, Devon and farmed at various farms including Morganhayes, Wadden, Tottiskey. Where I have found them on the census returns. My maiden name was Hawkins. My great grandparents are ...Read more

A memory of Offwell by Joyce Justice Maiden Name Hawkins

South Devon

I lived in Kingskerswell from August 1963 to July 1974, first in Lyndhurst Avenue and then in Weavers Way.

A memory of Kingskerswell in 1963 by Peter Bannister

Devon Street

I remember when we lived on Devon Street facing the old All Saints school, they built the new school at the end of the street. Our student teacher Mr Barry mad ea film called the vanishing machine where the children made the ...Read more

A memory of Farnworth by Christine Barrett

160 Devon Street

We moved to 160 Devon Street in 1957 which is the top end, over the road from the outdoor. As we were a black family people didn't have much to do with us. I went to Bloomsbury Sec. Modern where the head was Mrs Hinchliffe. My ...Read more

A memory of Nechells in 1957 by Esmilda Arscott

Coming To Devon

We were living in Barry Island in south Wales, I was getting ready to take the 11 plus, one day when I came home from school my dad was waiting to tell me that we were on the move to Devon. We had spent four years on the Nells ...Read more

A memory of East Prawle in 1946 by Patricia Perring

Devon Born And Bred!!

What a great web site! I was born at Tiverton Hospital in 1948. My mother, father and brother lived in Market Street. On a visit from Australia in 1995, my father and I visited Tiverton - to return to the place of my birth. We ...Read more

A memory of Tiverton by Pippa Westren(Nee Sims)

A Lovely Devon Village

We moved to No. 6 Tipton Vale in 1950. Maureen a baby, myself (Valerie) and parents Eric and Joan White fom Fenny Bridges. The house was a new council house, pink and blue. Dad dug out a bank at the rear and we found ...Read more

A memory of Tipton St John in 1950 by Valerie Jordan

Delphine Cafe Challaborough Devon.

i used to own the dolphin cafe (delphine cafe) around 1989 for about five years. previously a gentleman in the RAF owned it also whitelegs the fairground company had it, and had amusements inside and out. my family ...Read more

A memory of Challaborough by jan.hammett

Happy Times At Holcombe Devon

My Gran and Grandpa  had a cottage in Holcombe Village "shrimp Cottage" at the top of the hill. This cottage was later left to me, but I sold it in the 60s during the slump!!! I have some wonderful ...Read more

A memory of Holcombe in 1958 by Jill Butcher

A Coastal Walk In North Devon

Last weekend I had a glorious gentle walk from Hunters Inn down the track to Heddons Mouth with my wife Elizabeth and two friends, Valerie and Jim. We parked our car by the National Trust buildings up the lane from ...Read more

A memory of Ilfracombe in 2008 by John Howard Norfolk