Shanklin, Manor House c.1950

Memories of Shanklin

I can remember staying in a caravan at Lower Hyde farm, we used to go there lots when I was a kid in the 1960s. I can still remember staying there when England won the World Cup, not that it meant a lot to me then! I remember mum sending dad over to the clubhouse to watch the match... Coming from East London it really (...Read full memory)

Please can somebody tell me what the building is with the sign on the top of the wall? I have a honeymoon photo of my great grandparents taken on a horse and coach around 1890. The sign says .....ish's Family Hotel. The first part of the sign is obscured. I'd love to know if that is the same building some twenty years later, and where it is - if it still stands.

I too stayed at Lower Hyde Farm on many occasions as a child and remember arriving on the day of the 19966 World Cup final. We listened to the match on another passenger's transistor radio, standing in the guards's van on the Ryde to Shanklin train. In those days it was still a steamer before the tube trains arrived. (...Read full memory)

I remember Lower Hyde Farm holidays with great affection. Went approx five times in the 60S and always had a great time. Evening entertainment was in 'the club' where host Bob would expertly guide you through the evenings. A feature was the Russian Ballet where you kissed your partner at the end of the dance - a very daring thing for a 16 year old. Wonderful memories of a bygone age.

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