Shrewsbury, The Boat House Inn And The Ferry 1911

Memories of Shrewsbury

My nan used to live in Darwin Street, just up from this picture. I always used to stay at her house on school holidays, and she used to send me down into Frankwell to buy fish and chips and mushy peas, from one of the houses left of the road which was converted to a chip shop. There used to be another chip shop on the (...Read full memory)

I am trying to find any children or grandchildren of Lesley Charles Hall, whose wife's name was Hilda. He served in the Royal Navy during the war. I believe he had 11 children. He died in 1998. Any information would help no matter how small for the book I am researching. Thank you for your time. John M Taylor

I was born in no 112 in 1940 and lived there until 1960. I have distinct memories of cattle market days when cattle being driven down to the market left unpleasant reminders all across the road. Remember too when the trees were cut down and the sewer was excavated along the old 'Potts' railway cutting. Remember Ann who (...Read full memory)

On the maternal side of my ancestry, I knew my maternal grandfather for many years. There was a large leather bound family album which as a child, I was permitted to look at. It was after the "all clear" sounded in the early 1940's. A grand announcement was made that I would now be told something very (...Read full memory)

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