St Andrews, West Port c.1900

Memories of St Andrews

I went to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society summer school several times in the 1970's having been encouraged by my wife, Elizabeth, who was one of their teachers. The first school we attended together was in 1970 and I recall staying in Wardlaw Hall of the university. Other memories are the book (...Read full memory)

I remember going on holiday quite regular to a caravan on Kinkell Braes in St Andrews somtimes with my parents and sometimes my grandparents.  The owner of the caravan was our milkman Bill Byres.  We had some great times and a lot of fond memories. At the site there was a path down the side of the cliff which took you (...Read full memory)

I remember hot August afternoons strolling round the ruins of St Rule's Tower. I stayed in two halls of residence - Wardlaw Hall and University Hall - each of the two years I attended the RSCDS Summer School and after a strenuous morning of dancing lessons it was lovely to get out in the open air around (...Read full memory)

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