St Osyth, Martello Tower, Point Clear Bay c.1955
Photo ref: S38050
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A Selection of Memories from St Osyth

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from St Osyth

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We used to stay at an Aunt's caravan just beyond the amusement park. One day - I think I would have been about 3 - I fell head first into the boating pond - luckily my cousin was there to haul me out - I remember being covered head-to-toe in mud. Later, I first learnt to drive on beach road (I was well under the normal legal age - but it was a private road! ) Not easy learning to drive on sand!!!
I spent many summer holidays at St. Osyth - 2 of my aunt's had caravans on Beach Road and then my own parents also got a caravan. This photo takes me right back!
I used to come to St Osyth every year as a little girl with my family. We stayed a a chalet near the Sailor Boy club. This was from 1965 ish to about mid 70's. The Family consisted of my nan and grandad, mum and dad, along with 3 sisters, and then my aunt and uncle had another chalet with my cousin's, around the corner. ( So a nice typical big family holiday). My memories of holidays here are ...see more
We stayed at this caravan park several times with my mum and dad and little brother in the 1960s. The name of the caravan was called 'JanSue', I think. My dad bought me a square kite from the local shop which we tied to the door of the van overnight and it was still up in the sky by the next morning. Happy times.