Swallownest, Worksop Road c.1955

Memories of Swallownest

My father Richard Bradbury owned the shoe repair shops in swallownest. In 1946 with is war service savings he opened his shop on high street Sheffield . Which when he moved became the Halifax agency. In 1957 he opened his new premises at 45 Worksop Road opposite the cinema. He sold land next to his new shop on which was (...Read full memory)

The shop on the left was owned by Frank Adsetts. I've spent hours on this street my mum had a friend who lived in the yard a little further up just above this was Nellie Greens shop I was born on Main Street in 1952 we got a new council house in 53 on Wesley avenue mum told me that Main Street was demolished when they moved (...Read full memory)

The first building over the bridge was Pritchards orchard entrance, they used to sell produce at that building, as kids we used to raid the orchard. I lived on Alexandra rd and over a field was the orchards, we got nabbed sometimes. The photo is after 1950 because I remember the council working on the footpath and putting (...Read full memory)

The shop / garage on the left was owned by Billy Buck if it was possible you could have moved it lock stock & barrel straight into Beamish the guy seemed to have got everything for push bikes & motorbikes further up on the corner of manvers road was Bottfields shop across the road top side of the pavilion (...Read full memory)

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