Swallownest, Worksop Road c.1955

Memories of Swallownest, Worksop Road c1955

The shop / garage on the left was owned by Billy Buck if it was possible you could have moved it lock stock & barrel straight into Beamish the guy seemed to have got everything for push bikes & motorbikes further up on the corner of manvers road was Bottfields shop across the road top side of the pavilion (...Read full memory)

My nan and grandad lived at 15 Worksop Road with my Aunty Barbara I am the daughter of Marjorie Fletcher. My Aunty Mary and Uncle Charlie and my cousin Carol lived next to the pub, my Aunty Rub and Uncle Tom lived one door up. I was born at 15 Worksop Road, Happy memories I will hold forever

The garage I recall, when the old man died and they were selling off all the goods. The car is parked outside the pub, but just higher up where the lorry is parked was the Oak Inn, a pub frequented by myself. I knew the landlord's son Michael Mckeown, I went to school with him and he married my sister. By (...Read full memory)

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