Memories of Tavistock

I have photos of Walreddon Manor from my ancestors who lived there in the 1890s. One is similar to the photo here, but was taken in August of 1892, and the back inscription, written about the same time, said the children were 'taking a quiet repose' on the front lawns of Walreddon and their Nanny and Governess were also (...Read full memory)

I remember being at Plasterdown Camp and Tavistock I loved the rural setting with Dartmouth on our doorstep. If you wanted to go into town then it was a trip to Plymouth I had a lot of good nights there with the lads to. I was with them when they moved from Plasterdown Camp to Gazza Barracks (...Read full memory)

Five years at Kelly College with mediocre academic results and then off to Africa. layed in the Rugby teams and in the boxing teams. mORE OR LESS ENJOYED MY TIME THERE. GOING OFF ON BICYLCE RIDES AS SENIORS. SMOKING THE OCCASIONAL CIGARETTE . i REECENTLY MET A LADY WHO HAS SWUM COMPETIVELY IN THE NEW KELLY POOL (...Read full memory)

The best 2 week camp I attended - great training area. Also off duty time spent in Tavistock, lovely little market town. One night attended a dance in the townhall (upstais if I remember), met a local girl there her name was (is) Sylvia, happy days.

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