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Memories of Thorpeness

the house in the clouds you can still walk right to the fence now that surrounds it. such a beautiful structure. opposite there was windmill when I came to visit Suffolk in 2010 it was then up for sale! the duck pond still there or boating lake which what is called.

Does anyone remember the very cold November of 1969? I think it was on the 20th that I was riding my motorcycle on the frozen mere. If anyone took a photo I would love a copy.

Picking Blackberries next to the House in the Clouds and then going back to make Blackberry and Apple pies with my aunty at her house in Thorpeness.

My Aunty had a house right on the dunes. We stayed with her every summer until I was about 16 or 17 and a lot of our time was spent on the beach. When the tide went out there was sand beyond the shingle and we used to spend hours building sand castles, and swimming. There were always family and friends there, everyone (...Read full memory)

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