St Johns School - a Memory of Tiffield.

2 years at st johns approved school which i found at times quite brutal till u got to know the ropes.some teachers were good but some were quite sadistic toboys that were a bit on the soft side i was in hesketh house where mr curbishly was house master he was a good old stick .i cant say that it did me any harm going there as i made lots of good friends thereunfortunatly been unablr to contact any of themas its 50 years ago it would b nice to share memorys with other boys of the same

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Tue Jul 27th 2021, at 2:59 am
Michael Morgan commented:
Robarts House, when I was the it was run by Mr Lake (stumpy Lake) he was short in stature.
Tue Jul 27th 2021, at 2:53 am
Michael Morgan commented:
I was there around 1971 for round 15 months
I stayed in Hesketh House Mr Shepard (Crusty) was our House Master
I started of in the classroom, progressed to kitchen boy (if you can call that a progression)
then went in for the painting & decorating shop with Mr Chapman, but after about a week in the he had an accident in Hesketh House changing one of those hugr long windows (they were opaque) about 8 - 10 feet high about a foot wide there were about 6 or 7 of these glass panals, anyway he [Mr Chapman] was either refitting one or replacing it and it slipped and slashed his arm, the blood was everywhere he was rush to hospital, we were told that he had lost around 5-6 pints of blood and that he nearly died, and so the paint shop was closed down for what seemed like months, I ended up in catering which was the best job in the school as you got to eat the food you cooked for the staff and visitors hmmm!!!, just before Mr Chapman returned I got a working out job on a farm just the other side of tiffield working for a great guy call John Huckaby at Manor Farm, my name is Michael Morgan or Micky Morgan if any one remembers me
Sat Apr 3rd 2021, at 10:17 pm
Sean Rowlands commented:
i was there 1977 1980 i remember some of the staff mr burton woodwork , mr chapman painting mr cooper and mr penn gardens mr west metal work mr coursebrooke building i was in founders some of the staff was rev johnson church great man , mr scott house master , mr manning mrs dot coursebrooke and wendy she was little lady cook when i 1st got there mrs hankins was my teacher she was lovely , mr moore sports , and mr jim hall who played football cobblers and peterborough mr harris he was head of school , , just a few names i do no a couple more ,,, well it wud be nice to chatt to poeple who remembers me , iwas there for 3 years did abit while i was there my name Sean rowlands looking forward to hear back from ya i most say 99 % of my time there was great
Mon Mar 29th 2021, at 7:50 pm
I was in the founders unit between 1995-1997 House master was called Bill Davies it was a children's home /remand Centre for under 15s it was also mixed gender back then there were boys and girls living in the four different units i can remember founders heskest and wake can't remember the 4th units name the school head there was Chris Chapman his nickname was jip
Tue Dec 15th 2020, at 9:01 pm
Dennis Taylor commented:
I was there from 1967 to 1969 I was in Founders House
Wed Jul 31st 2019, at 1:49 pm
h4zchem commented:
Yeah! I too remember the place I was in Hesketh Curbishley the house master with a couple of lumpy daughters. Barsby headmaster his Mrs was the one the boys lusted after... Rubber Lips Emerson .. he didn’t like me nor me him... then the was the creepy Chaplain who I’m sure used to get off on one giving the kids a “blue nose” Especially the Jones brothers. A few boys names I remember Little William Hanvey,Graham Ellison F.L. and Paul Crossley..... everybody new Paul!! ...Underwood didn’t he take football? Another master was it Chopper Bacon?
I remember that place well we were one of the 1st kids to move into the new school from the previous Victorian dump.
I guess there are not that many kids left from you that era now the ones that are must be well into their 70s
Good on you boys Mike W..👍
Tue Jun 18th 2019, at 1:34 pm
ray-nolan commented:
My 2 years at Tiffield had lots of ups and downs but I have always remembered it with affection. The Sunday morning walks to the church, walk down to the canal on a Sunday afternoon., the little tuck shop. Would I like to spend a couple of weeks back there - most definitely.
I finished up in the carpentry section with Mr Burton he had hands the size of dinner plates. He gave me enough 2's enabling me to go to the cinema in Towcester many times. Still have the box I made in the woodwork class.
Raymond Nolan 1959/1961
Thu May 10th 2018, at 10:53 am
petergeorgou commented:
My name is Peter Georgou and I am a history teacher at The Gateway School in Tiffield. I am with a student carrying out a history project on the area and previous schools which were on the site.

We would love to speak to you both, and possibly arrange a meeting to hear your stories.

our contact number is: 01604 878977

Fri May 22nd 2015, at 12:16 pm
rayv47 commented:
I was at St John's school from 1960 to 1962 and I used to remember the long walk to church every Sunday. I had some good times there and bad times.the teachers who was there Mr barsby headmaster. Mr howlett vicar. Mr burton Harris,Mr hodgkinson all ways smoking a pipe,Mr underwood. It would be great if some one was there the same time as me I know it's been over 50years but worth a shot. Ray Vincent.

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