Memories of Tilehurst, The Bear c1955

I grew up in West Reading but had relatives in Westwood rd and Armor rd. Would go to visit them on the bus and always remember what we called "the buckets" which went across Norcot Hill. I guess they are what carried the clay from one side to another but not sure I knew that at the time. Later played soccer at the (...Read full memory)

I am Jane and I was landlady of The Bear with my husband Roger for 2 years. Roger died in 2005. We really loved our time there, with our 24 staff and all our patrons, including the darts teams. I grew up in Tilehurst and have many happy memories of my life there with my family and in The Bear Inn. Does anyone remember me? (Surname - Pitkethly.)

Pincents Hill / Pincents Farm / Turnhams Farm - Calcot /Tilehurst border - West Reading Berks Does anyone have any memories of: Pincents Hill, Pincents Farm, Turnhams Farm, between Calcot and Tilehurst. Pincents Hill: Ancient Historic site, Roman Relics found near here. This area is under threat from development and we are keen to record any memories. Thank you.

I remember Pincents Hill and surrending area in the 1950s. We would walk up through the city and down Pincents Hill, past the farm with a small pond. On the left was a long gravel avenue that was lined with poplars down to Calcot. At the bottom was a gravel footpath that went all the way to the bottom of Sulham Hill, by the (...Read full memory)

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