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Caption for Tirril, Tongue Gill C1930: Here the Ullswater and Helvellyn fells present a magnificent view but changeable weather and difficult terrain can turn it into a formidable one. Its victims include Charles Gough who fell to his death on Helvellyn's Striding Edge where months later his dog was found alive, still guarding his remains. Gough, a Quaker, was buried in Tirril in the graveyard adjoining the Meeting House. He and his dog were immortalised in the poems 'Helvellyn' by Sir Walter Scott, and 'Fidelity' by William Wordsworth.

Memories of Tirril

I also lived here. My parents took over from Mrs Robinson. My father who had worked for Lowther Builders modernised the shop, opening it up and installing new counters. He also replaced the front window, which let in alot more light. It was very dark in there. I also went to Yanwath school. My uncle worked for the Milk Marketing Board (...Read full memory)

My name is Sandra and I am the little girl on the right of the picture.  I lived at the Post Office with my grandparents, Mr & Mrs Robinson and I have very fond memories of growing up in the village.  The bigger girl with me was Ann Tatters who used to take me to school at Yanwath.  

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