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Caption for Tonbridge, The Castle 1951: The formidable 13th-century gatehouse of the castle, with four massive circular flanking towers and four portcullises in the entrance, stands on the site of a former Saxon fortress. Richard de Clare, a kinsman of William the Conqueror, initiated the castle's construction in 1070. But the family, who were the most powerful in England during the Middle Ages, were constantly in conflict with the king, and the building was finally rendered indefensible by the Parliamentarians during the Civil War. The adjoining Gothic mansion was built by a Mr Hooker in 1793, and is now a local government office.

Memories of Tonbridge, the Castle 1951

I was born in Tonbridge in 1957. I went to Sussex Road primary school and Hillview for girls. I remember the most is the flood we had and the carnivals when I was younger. I still come back to visit my sister who stills lives there. A lot has changed - I prefer the old Tonbridge.

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