Trealaw, All Saints Church c.1965

Memories of Trealaw

I have fond memories of Alaw School, this is a photo of the nursery and infants. My earliest memory is of sleeping on the little cot beds in the nursery every afternoon.

I remember home time came my father would be waiting for me by the gates I pelt.doen the steps howni didn't break my neck ill never know he'd grab my hand and.wrnwould walk down the road past sunshine.corner and stop in a shop my dad.cslled it.ankses I wad allowed.a.quarter of sweets normally (...Read full memory)

I also went swimming in the ducks pond, played for the res and played bowls and tennis - and we use to go up on the swing and slide and put candle gresse on it to make it go faster. On the way home, we used to have a glass of milk in Seales Dairy on the bottom of the hill.

We paid a penny to enter the baths for a 1 hour session. On hot summer days we had to queue to get in. When our hour was up we would go out and pay to go back in. I think they changed the water weekly!!!! I spent hundreds of hours in Garth Park.

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