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Other Memories from Trusthorpe

The one at the very end, on the right in the photo is where we used to stay

This is an enquiry: Can anyone remember the name of the large, white, hotel/pub situated among the caravan sites close to "Radio City" It was pulled down some 20 odd years ago. We are desperate to recall this place where we spent many happy hours. But none of us can remember it's name. Any clues would be appreciated. Robert Maddon

Added 05 November 2016
I remember a girl a little older than I was (7) with her dad. She had lost it in an accident.

I really can call Mablethorpe my second home. I have lovely memories of the place - I learnt to walk there - I am 46 years old now. My mum and dad took us every year. When my children came along I took them there with my parents. I have lots to share about Mablethorpe and today my mum and I went to Mablethorpe, as we do every year, to look at all the changes. Golden Sands Camp has changed a lot, but ...see more

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