Memories of Upper Beeding

As I get older I remember some of my early childhood in the UK. I was asked by my Grandson about my early life so am writing it down in a form of a book. My first memories are of going to the Downs with the farmer from behind where I lived, with him and his cattle and getting into (...Read full memory)

My grandma Edith Emily Alice Patching was born in the Bridge Inn on February 2nd 1885. Her father, Richard Elias Patching was the landlord.  He died in 1889 aged 32.  Edith and her mother moved to Brighton.  They were related to the Elms family of Beeding.

Upper Beeding was the best place in the world to live and grow up, it's not the same now, there's too many townies.

I attended The Convent of the Blessed Sacrament between the years of 1963 to 1965 (inclusive). I was a dreadufully wild child from Colonial Africa and rejoiced in the name of Carol Anne Bult. The Reverend Mother of "The Towers" at the time was Rev Mother Marie Helen (Sister Mary Bruno was the headmistress). "The Fat (...Read full memory)

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