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Caption for Ditton, Ditchfield Road C1965: There have been several Ditchfield Halls near here. In the 1500s and 1600s the Dychfield family that lived here were strong Roman Catholics and refused to attend the Protestant services at their local parish church at Farnworth. Instead they built their own chapel but they were still fined for not attending the official church services! The last Ditchfield Hall was demolished in the 1960s.

Memories of Ditton

I lived in Ditton as a boy and went to Ditton St.Marys school (often mistakenly referred to as St.Michaels), with my twin sister. We were not Catholic but went to the church frequently. I remember the Head Masters Mr.Murphy and later Mr Hardman and also the lady teachers Messrs Leather, Anthony, Mooney, Blount and Longton (...Read full memory)

Coming from Huyton I attained a scholarship and attended wade deacon. It was a fantastic school and Alan Bleasedale the Liverpool play wright also attended. The headmaster was W.Bonney who always reminded me of Alistair Sim. He was a very clever polite gentleman and very popular with the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Ditchfield in the 1930s and went to Ditton Hall mixed school. Eddie Murphy was our headmaster, he was a very good teacher as they all were. It was a small school then but a good school, with respect for the teachers.

Myself and all of my family were baptised here, went to the school next door, took our first holy communions, had our confirmations, and my wedding, and also sad occasions like my parents' funerals, lots of happy memories from my time in Ditton.

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