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in the harbour at Porthcawl there were some times moored two fast patrole boats owned by the Royal Air Force and they were painted in the colours of the R.A.F. Occasionally they would go off on patrol manned by R.A.F crew I have seen them going off on patrol gathering speed as they left the harbour.`That was many years ago as I am now 76 years old and living in Belgium

We stayed in a small caravan the first holiday we had in Porthcawl during the miners fortnight holiday in June many years ago. Other wise it would be day or afternoon trips to Porthcawl and other seaside resorts along the South Wales coast . Playing on the beach at Porthcawl but to go there we had to put nice clothes on on our (...Read full memory)

Oletha is now split into 3 dwellings. My husband Roger Timms and his family have lived in the house on the right of this picure for many years. We love living here and this road is now Gordon Road, which is now more populated than in this picture - BT office to the right of the dwelling and the Post Office sorting office next (...Read full memory)

I did some of my early training in the maypole-Lipton store in John Street under store manager Dick Roberts & Deputy Manager Ben Hopkins. I recall querying why there were rows of wellington boots on a bench in the basement warehouse as well as stock being stored on low trestles. "Well you'll need them when (...Read full memory)

My family have a long history with porthcawl as my mothers family name was Churchill and my mother and her mother ran the sweet stall and the fish stall in trecco bay in the sixties and seventies. My fathers side of the family is called Theophilus which has many family members still living there. I was born in Hookland Rd and (...Read full memory)

My friend Valerie and I used to sit around the bowling greens playing Jack Stones with the pebbles in the gullies.

I remember my uncle, Edward Callaghan who was a coastguard, taking me to his look-out at Porthcawl to survey the sea. His wife, Polly, was my father's sister. My father and mother lived and died in Plymouth, Devon (dad died in 1971). Polly and Edward's children were Winnie, Irene and Teddy but only Irene had children but I have lost contact with the family.

I have some of the most fond memories of my childhood on holidays in and around this place, so much so that to this day I still remember the caravan number CY17 that was drummed into both my sister and I so that we did not get lost on the camp. We stayed in the same caravan year after year, you know the ones with the old (...Read full memory)

My wife's maiden name was Madeleine Sanderson (Bee), her memories are as follows. Before her parents moved to Porthcawl they kept a caravan at Trecco House owned by Mrs Pearce her son Tom, daughter-in-law Dorothy and granddaughter Audrey. Audrey, Maddy, Noah and Basil played together and used to sit on the front wall of (...Read full memory)

This train belonged to my dad in the 80's, his name was Jack Whittaker and his work partner was Dougie Smith. They also ran the kiosk next to the train which sold sweets, candyfloss etc. Sadly my dad passed away in 2006, but would love to know who remembers him. Wonderful childhood memories..