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Memories of Silverdale

Late night a watched a 1963 film "the Birds" and remember how it scared the living daylight out of me and my family! I was 5 and holidaying in Silverdale with my Large family ! I remember having to pinch the keys up from the post office / shop and driving to the house which had a varandda all the way round it ! The house was (...Read full memory)

I am tracing family history. I would like to know who was running the Post Office in that year in 1948?My mother Marjorie Edna Webber was an assistant there. I also have family memories of Mattie and Percy Allinson who I used to stay with. My father and his brother used to stay and help at (...Read full memory)

Our family lived at Silverdale Crossings until 1959. Mother had a small sweets and general stores shop, Father worked as crossing keeper until his death in 1959, the house (now demolished) came with the job. Initially he was on duty 24 hours a day, the crossing gates were closed to traffic at all times and (...Read full memory)

I moved to Silverdale from Bradford in 1945/6 at the end of the war, with my father, Leslie Waddington, and my grandmother Mary Waddington. We bought Swiss Cottages down Townsfield from Tommy Taylor the joiner for £1100, with three quarters of an acre of land and the sufferance footpath which still (...Read full memory)

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