Welling, Park View Road c.1950

Memories of Welling

I grew up in Welling from 1948 to 1963. Leaving it was the saddest moment of my life - one I have never really recovered from. So vivid were the memories, I wrote a book of my life's experiences - "Cool Among The Flames." You can find it at Lulu Publishing, Amazon or Barnes and (...Read full memory)

The record shop in Welling High Street was called Eric Spencers. My brother used to buy a lot of records there. We lived in Northdown Road from about 1957. I moved away in 1998

I lived at 111 Danson Crescent right by the gates to Danson Park, I went to Westwood School and played for their football team this would have been in the early sixties. I used to sell the Evening news and Standard papers on the corner of Welling high St next to the bank. At sixteen I got a job in London and I remember (...Read full memory)

Both of my parents lived in Welling. Mum was born there and dad's family moved there later. Sadly all my mum's family have passed on with the exception of my Uncle John who is now 88 years old. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Maslen family who lived at 13 Camborne Road - just by the Shoulder of (...Read full memory)

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