Welling, Park View Road c.1950

Memories of Welling

We were like one huge crazy family, not only from Welling, but also from the surrounding towns of Blackfen, Bexleyheath, Crayford, Dartford, Eltham, Plumstead and Woolwich - even as far as from the other side of London - travelling around the club and dance hall circuit, many on scooters, in (...Read full memory)

During the 1960's many venues opened in and around Welling to cater for a growing music and dance culture. Teddy-boys and Rockers had frequented the Embassy Ballroom, but when Mod became the dominating style, so came the clubs and bars to satisfy the kids desire for great music and (...Read full memory)

Does anyone have any memories, information or better still any photos of the cycle shops in 1950's Welling? Two of them were Holmes of Welling on Wickham Lane/Welling Corner and A.F.Mills in the High St. There was another, I believe, in Station Rd called Harlows. Do any of these names prompt memories?

I lived at 111 Danson Crescent right by the gates to Danson Park, I went to Westwood School and played for their football team this would have been in the early sixties. I used to sell the Evening news and Standard papers on the corner of Welling high St next to the bank. At sixteen I got a job in London and I remember (...Read full memory)

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