Memories of Weyhill

I was in the Wolf Cubs (as they were known at that time) and we used to meet in a room above the old stables at Weyhill. I was there from about 1956. Loved every minute of it. Then went up to the Boy Scouts at the age of 11 in 1959. The Scout Group was known as the "6th Andover, Penton and District" I had two elder brothers in (...Read full memory)

There was a junction where the roundabout is now. Dunnings yard was opposite. Where the new houses/fairground is now and it had loads of big sheds and barns. They used to make coffins there and they would all be standing up outside like soldiers when we first lived here. There was always a building crane up there too. Love the pictures.

I served as an altar boy in this church in the late 1930's. Even at that time not many locals attended the services. My family an I lived in The Bell. I never could get my sister to come to church with me!

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