Wigan, The Infirmary 1896

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Caption for Wigan, The Infirmary 1896: By 1896 Wigan was taking public health seriously, and not only in the provision of hospital beds. In 1868 Manchester and Liverpool were the only Lancashire authorities with medical officers of health, and as late as 1876 Wigan still lacked a uniform system for disposing of or treating sewage. The place was said to be 'a compound of villainous smells'.

An extract from Greater Manchester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wigan

That's why it's called 'Haigh' Hall and not Wigan Hall. It's NEAR Wigan.

A view deep inside the Plantations.

Well not just for the 1930's but for twenty years after as well.  Memories come flooding back - not just for this picture but for Wigan itself.  I was born there in 1931 - in my grandparents home 38, Dicconson Street - a section no longer in existence although others that belonged to my gt Uncles do remain intact but in a (...Read full memory)

I was 3 years of age when my dad came home from the army (national service). We didn't have a car or much money, so my mum, dad and myself took long walks, Upholland, Dalton, Newburgher, Parbold. When I was tired my dad carried me on his shoulders. We knew all the farms which served tea and cake (still rationing), my dad loved (...Read full memory)

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