Memories of Willoughby

This was route to school from college avenue in mid 1950s.

My memory year was at Willoughby Charity Church of England School, where I remember all the friends I used to live with and went to the same school with. It was good fun,growing up days! Long hot summers, having to find things to do - one week it was making bows and arrows, then conkers, then catching newts in the pond in (...Read full memory)

My first memory of Willoughby I think was during the 1980s, it was when David Sole of 'Starsky and Hutch' fame rented the Old Vicarage for a stay in England - it was a Saturday night and he had invited villagers to a party that he was holding. As I didn't live in the village at that time I obviously wasn't invited, but I do (...Read full memory)

We lived in College Avenue late 1950s. Used to attend school there, remember the bakers and brook. Grandparents ran Four Crosses. Used to train spot at site of station sidings/ yard.

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