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Memories of Wimbledon, Rushmere Pond c1955

My playground when I was young. Long summer days swimming in the ponds and lovely walks to the windmill. I remember falling through the ice one winters day. Brrr!!! Not recommended.

How well I remember Rushmere. I used to attend Kings College School around 300 metres away, and a group of us would frequently return home along South Side with a quick detour to the pond. It was best in winter because of the weather. In winter it froze up at some point every year and skaters would be attracted to it. In (...Read full memory)

I lived in Thornton Rd, went to school at Old Cenral, Camp Rd, used to walk passed the pond to school, in the thick smog's we would have got lost if we didn't hold hands. My friends and I had many happy years playing on the common. In 1954, aged 11, I went to Queens Road school. At 15 I started work at Charles (...Read full memory)

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