Memories of Woking, the Moslem Burial Ground 2004

Crossing the bridge from Woking town into the road where the Wheatsheaf was (and parkland, opposite it) always seemed like going to the posher end of town! It was more classy there with bigger houses surrounding the green! Nice memories!

Most Woking people will tell you 'they've' ruined a nice little town with modern developments! And I agree! Looking back on how it was, it looks such an nice country town way back in the 60's and before. I have lived away from it for twenty years, but when I go back I'm struck by how affluent an area the (...Read full memory)

When I was a small lad, my uncle Ted, me and his dog 'Petra' would go for walks in the woods. We would often stop here and look around. I always thought it was haunted and was initially quite scared to be there... but over time i got used to it. We'd also walk over to the sandpits. I remember the burial ground being a (...Read full memory)

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