Memories of Wooburn Green

My grandfather was GM of Glory Mill in the early 1900s. My father and his siblings were raised in a house located on the grounds. There were four brothers and all served in the British Army in WWI. The oldest (called Harry) died in 1917 near Theassalonica and is buried there. (...Read full memory)

My grandparents lived in the cottage on the right of the photo. I was evacuated there at the begining of the Second World War. It was then called Rose Cottage. My father was also born in Wooburn Green. I can also remember my grandfather living next to the Red Lion pub.

My Great Grandfather George Henry Baker (1880 -m1947) was the owner (following his father also George Henry) of the Blacksmith and Scrap Metal Dealer later known as Slades Scrap Yard In Wooburn Green. My Great Grandfather was a big character and very much in the centre of life in the village. An active (...Read full memory)

l was born in Clapton approach, in 1951 on of nine children, my mum and dad use to work down at the screw factory. a friend and my self use to go round to the barly mow to buy a bottle of coke and crisps some-times we would cycle down to the green to buy fish and chips.. when we had left school we seem to drift apart ,l left (...Read full memory)

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