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Mill Lane - a Memory of Woodley.

Hi Everyone i also grew up mostly on mill lane estate (woodlands ave ) and went to St Marks School (head Master Mr Thorpe) you all have jogged my memory to fantastic times around woodley. i also remember snuches ha ha played there many times, here's a few places i remember not sure if i will get all the names correct but when i discribe them i'm sure you will all know them lol. there was Ann's pantry just where Edward Mellors is now, and livingstones the butches next to it. then opposite was the blacksmith (where the fountain is now (corner George Lane) the cinema (now Snooker) the Old Lowes Arms (Behind) was the cottages/stables. the Bonks/clay pits we use to go there swimming, Boot & Clogger (now woodley arms/sports.) opposite that was the black & white pub, (the waggon & Horses) behind that there was i think a farm. with shops running all along that side towards the navigation pub. oh yeah the Glove works (as i knew it) near fogs shop on bankfield rd, going down towards the Die works (now Morrels) with the Tall chimney (now gone). before that we played many a times in the old Box Works underneath TA Knox. I remember all the places you all have mentioned happy Days. i think (no sure) didn't wadsworth open the Kiost near the band stand in merseyway? does anyone remember Crosslands bakery at the end of st marks church, many a cream cakes from there lol can't remember the name of the two other shops one next to crosslands bakery (now a house) and one the opposite end (red house lane side), you all must remember Crown Walpaper. where Brookfield ave is now. and the steel works behind bredbury wreck. (back to mill lane) how about Urmstones owned by David & Christine. near the post box on mill lane estate. and the old Doctors that was mentioned we got chased from the back of there too many time for pinching the Apples & Pears of the trees. ha ha great times thanks everyone for helping me to take a trip down memory lane (what a enjoyable trip it was) lol still smiling. Bye.

A memory shared by Anthony Bentley on Mar 3rd, 2014.
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 Comments & Feedback

Sat May 16th 2020, at 5:51 pm
johncutts1 commented:
Lynn was her name
Sat May 16th 2020, at 5:49 pm
johncutts1 commented:
Kath Cutts was my mum. Unfortunately she died aged 88 in 2015
I remember you and your family well. We lived in the Fender Row over the road till 1964 when we move onto the estate.
I remember your Dad, Bert, coming for me and my brother, Mark once and letting us ride a horse. When I say ride, I mean he led us round on it.
When we moved to the estate, our old cat ran away and lived wild on Snutch's yard. But your dad brought us a lovely tourtoise shell kitten. She was like a bundle of fluff, so we called her fluff.
Remember walking up with my mum to see your grandma at Cambridge Drive after they moved.
My mum and her seemed to get on really well;
Happy days,
Sat May 26th 2018, at 5:43 pm
d-finney commented:
Hi Paul.
I remember you so well from school.we started at Woodley school on bankfield road and then we went up to the new school on Sherwood road .do you remember Mrs Garnham??!!!you and Paul Spence used to tease me in the playground!do you remember? Hahaha.glad you can remember the farm and butcher's shop.they were very Happy days.loved it.loved watching Harry Brown on a Saturday morning.i can remember mccanns chippy.forgot about that one.cath cutts used to clean at our shop on a saturday evening.she was a very kind person. She used to always wear red lipstick.wush we could go back to Woodley as it was.hope you are well.
She finney (lucas)
Sun Apr 29th 2018, at 12:40 pm
paul19571957 commented:
just remembered the name of that chippy it was mc canns and they had two girls name of one i remember was susan
Sun Apr 29th 2018, at 11:47 am
paul19571957 commented:
my mum mary green work in the chippy with cath cutts who are now both decided,can not remember the persons who owed it but was the best chippy round here remember your granny sue and the slaughterhouse does not time fly ...
Tue Oct 24th 2017, at 6:29 pm
d-finney commented:
I forgot to add that my name was Susan Lucas then.we lived down Oak street.there was a haulage company down the street called Brocklehurst's and there was an electrician called George Ford.does anyone remember him.there was a chip shop called Fowdens and they cooked their fish and chips in our dripping from the butcher's shop. Dad said thats why they tasted so good.there was an elecrical shop near there call ed Townsends and they also had a sweet shop next the other end of the row was Hydes which i think was a grocers shop and there was a counter where you could get ham and bacon ect.i had a friend called Susan Leigh who lived in our farm cottage which was next to fodens and there was a street which led to the farm yard and on the corner of that street (thorn st)was TSB was such a pretty village then.shame they pulled everything down.completely ruined it.wish i could go back to those days.sound like my dad!
Sue Finney (lucas)
Tue Oct 24th 2017, at 6:14 pm
d-finney commented:
I have many fond memories of woodley. I grew up on our farm which was Thorntree Farm owned by Lucas'.my grandfather had the butchers shop and my dad looked after the farm. I had one sister called Anne and we both went to Woodley school on Bankfield rd.i did a paper round for Barnetts news agents when it was the old shop on Hyde rd and then also at the new shop when the precinct was built.we had to sell our farm to make way for the housing estate on Oldham drive.i remember Edna's the wool shop,Wadsworths,Scards,Choc Box Kelsall's,chemist (do you remember Doreen?)Smallwoods green grocers. I had a grey pony called Silver.she was either in the field on Gilbert Bank or on George lane where the Post Office is now.used to love watching Harry Brown making horse shoes and every Saturday there would be a queue of horses all waiting to have their new shoes put on . Happy days!
Mon May 15th 2017, at 10:21 am
hughies commented:
I think the cinema was called the palace! I have noticed the gable end of the building ( which is now a bar ) has some very interesting architecture,not sure if it original but would like to find out some more information"
Wed Feb 8th 2017, at 9:01 pm
herity3 commented:
can anyone remember the name of the cinema on mill lane.??
Wed Aug 24th 2016, at 10:07 am
pb52_ commented:
I too remember all the thing mentioned by Anthony Bentley...I also went to St Marks school and remember Mr thorpe & Fanny Briggs
I lived on hyde road just oppersite the Co-operative and few door down from 'lucas the bucther' on th othe side of Oak Street.
Also remember being chased by the doctor many times for nicking the apples & pears form his orchard Ha Ha Ha Ha...
Tue Dec 22nd 2015, at 1:51 pm
Nigel Morgan commented:
I lived on Vaudrey Road then Mill Lane between 1969 and 1986 ish.

I remember most of the things you mention.

Nigel Morgan
Wed Aug 19th 2015, at 2:09 am
cch44350 commented:
I went to Highfield with Christine Urmston and remember the store on Mill Lane estate. My mum worked at the cinema on Mill Lane so I saw lots of films when I was growing up. Christina Edwards now Cherry
Wed Aug 19th 2015, at 1:46 am
cch44350 commented:
My name was Christina Edwards and I went to St Marks 1949 to 1956 I also had two younger, sisters there,at that school called June and Daphne. They still live locally but I now live in Australia

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