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Caption for Worle, The Village 1896: This is the oldest part of the village, with some properties dating back to medieval times. The shop with the thatched roof, here belonging to Mr Rollins, a dyer and cleaner, used to be a bakery. It was converted into cottages in 1931, when the thatch was replaced by tiles. The three-storey building in the centre used to be the Valiant Soldier Inn and was built about 1670. Note the stone mounting block by the wall.

An extract from Weston-super-Mare Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worle

Ib went to hassoberry boading school for girls in 1969 it was a nice school nice teachers miss Eveans miss bogg miss dollier lesley newmen my friend linda arney iren cotton I would love to hear from them my name judith Hoy I went to the chuch every sunday I think the school is flats now if you went to the school I like to hear from you miss hendrey

Life for a child in the village of Worle in the 1950s was exciting, parochial and safe. Our parents did not lose sleep over thoughts of us being molested. Children were more likely to be in danger from their own recklessness than anything else, and so our parents were able to allow us freedom to roam happily. My great (...Read full memory)

The lady pushing the pushchair is my Nan Phyllis Hardwell, the lady stood next to her is my great nan Sarah-Jane Steventon and the baby (that you can't see) in the pushchair is my mum Jane Cooke. Unaware that this photo was being taken at the time my Nan recognised herself on a postcard that was for sale in the (...Read full memory)

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