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York Photographic Memories

York Photographic Memories

The photo 'York, Castle from City Walls c1885' appears in this book.

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Caption for York, The Castle C1885: This wonderful view from the walls was taken before the onslaught of the motor car, and when gas lamps were still in place. As we look east over Skeldergate Bridge and the River Ouse to the left we can see the Assize Court; to the centre, standing out against the skyline is the spire of what was the Debtors' Prison and is now the Castle Museum.

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Memories of York

My dad Les Witty was born in York. After he came out of the Army we settled in York, firstly we had a house in Hanover Street, then moved to Chudleigh Road where my grandad had a house just 2 doors away from us. I spent a lot of time with Gramps, he was my best mate. I would help in the garden, and ate most of the things he had grown (...Read full memory)

Do you remember eddy and jess Creaser landlord in the 60s

my grandparents and great grandparents married in this church and lived in the Stonebow and Pavement area.My great-grandfather and his father sold humbugs in the Shambles market:

This photo reminds me of two wonderful years I spent at York Technical College in Clifford St. I always found the tower fascinating, but never learned its history until many years later. I love York, even though I live half a world away now, I always visit the city when in England.

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