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Scotland Photographic Memories

Scotland Photographic Memories

The photo 'Aberdeen, St Nicholas's Street and Queen's Corner c1910' appears in this book.

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Caption for Aberdeen, St Nicholas's Street and Queen's Corner c1899: Here we see another tramcar and more granite setts. There is some activity around the base of the statue - are the two ladies selling flowers and button-holes?

An extract from Scotland Photographic Memories.

Memories of Aberdeen, St Nicholas's Street and Queen's Corner c1910

My maternal grandmother, Barbara Morison Diack and her sister Margaret Morison Howie used to meet at "The Queen" and go for afternoon tea at least once a month.

My father-in-law was living with his aunt Elsie Jenkins at 17 North Square during the Second World War years. He was in the Navy at the time so he was not a permanent resident for that period. But as a boy he and his brothers spent a lot of time with his mother's sister (Elsie), playing and going to the Mission in the (...Read full memory)

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