Acock's Green, Olton Boulevard East c.1965
Photo ref: A136043
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Photo ref: A136043
Photo of Acock's Green, Olton Boulevard East c.1965

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Here we have another view of the shopping parade, looking west towards Shaftmoor Lane. This part of Acock's Green is known as 'the village', but the centre of the community is further east, nearer the railway station, which opened in 1852. This gave a major boost to development, though it was not until the 1920s that building really became intense.

Memories of Acock's Green, Olton Boulevard East c1965

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We lived at 1, Northanger Road, which was at right angles to Olton Boulevard East and we have had views down both directions of the Boulevard. I remember the regular visits of the rag and bone man.  Cars were becoming common-place, but a horse and cart seemed very old fashioned.  The horse manure was soon collected up by the keen gardeners in the area. It was a good way of getting rid of the unwanted articles, as the rag and bone man seemed to take all we gave him.