Old Maps of Alton

Historic Maps of Alton and the local area.

I was in hospital from January 1963 for 6 months to have my right leg stretched, it didn't totally work, but it was in 1966/1967 when I had to have several operations for the other leg. Although it was my first time away from home everyone seemed to help each other. The snow drifts didn't bother anyone much, the Solent had ice (...Read full memory)

Hello, I worked on Colin Jardine ward at Treloars 1968- 1969.The ward sister was Sister Marie Tarr.I moved back to Wales in 1969 but still try and visit Alton most years as we have good friends there.I remember a patient called Barry who came from Guernsey, having his 21st birthday whilst a patient on the ward, we took (...Read full memory)