Aveley, High Street c.1960

Memories of Aveley

Omg, I remember so many of you. I started at Love Lane in 1965 and left in 1970. I was friends with Susan Harvey, Carol Head, Jackie Kirk, Karen Harman, Barbara Cox, Lesley Davidson, Libby Campbell, June Tyler, Liz Knapp, Christine Havis, Sandra Glendenning; Janet Hobb, Deborah Daly (these are the few names I can (...Read full memory)

After reading Colin's memories of Aveley. Took me back to 1956 when we bought our first house in Alfred Road, came under Mill Road Estate. We remember this place so well, it was where our second son was christened in St Michael Church, that was 1959, he was born in 1958. Our eldest son went to Aveley's (...Read full memory)

I lived in the High Street (122) from 1946 until 1981. I went to the Infants and Junior schools and graduated to 'Bushey Bit' which basically means I failed the 11 plus. I have so many fond memories of the village 'beauty' spots: Reidy Pond, The Tunnel Pit, The Flat Pit & The Dog's Grave to mention just a (...Read full memory)

I used to visit Aveley a lot with my family as a kid in the 1960's early 70's. My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in 75 Hall Avenue. Lillian Maud Challis and Samuel Joseph Challis. They moved there just after my Mother, Laura Margaret was born in 1935. My uncles Joe and Brian were born later. I remember my Gran and (...Read full memory)

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