Aveley, Purfleet Road c.1960

Memories of Aveley

A Memory of Aveley Hello. I also stumbled across this site by accident and was blown away by all the memories shared by Colin Newberry on Mar 25th 2014. I can relate to many other memories shared but Colin's are so close, my memories flooded back. I moved to Aveley with my Mum and Dad -JOYCE and DEREK WILTCHER c.1952 (...Read full memory)

I remember when I first moved to Aveley, I was 7 years old. My nan lived in the prefabs and my mother, brother and myself moved in with her until they were demolished when I was eight years old. Then we moved into Hall Avenue, most of my friends lived all around me and we all started Love Lane School together although I (...Read full memory)

In the 1960's my grandmother owned what I always new as Lennard house it was a huge place that my parents told me used to be the dower house to the Belhus House and and my uncles attempted to dig out a tunnel that ran between the two houses but had been damaged by bombing in the war my grandmother's name was Doris Beatson Clark do you have any photos of that house?

When my grandfather, Arthur Andrew Rush, proprietor of the Old Ship Pub in Aveley, died he left Lennard House and the surrounding land + two red brick cottages fronting onto Park Lane, to my Mother, Lilian Gough. Granddad Rush had previously built in about 1949/50, two bungalows adjacent to Lennard house, One "Meadow (...Read full memory)

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