Aylesbury, Market Place c.1955

Memories of Aylesbury

my name is Winifred Haynes. I lived in Ashtead.at i3 albert road. from 1939 until about 1959.my dad was an old Ashtead man walter Haynes. many man y happy memories. DAD WORKED AS A painter and also at the memorial hall for many years. as a caretaker. I went to school in Epsom at the convent ; many happy day with my friends and (...Read full memory)

The shop just to the right of W. H.Smith is The Mac Shop where my father was manager. This was my home from 1955 until university, 1974

My husband, Roger Watts, and his family lived in Castle St and then Priory Cres, from the early 50's to the late 70's.The photo of Castle St. taken in 1955 would appear to have his mother or his older sister (Linda) standing outside their front door. Can anybody confirm this?

I was born in Buckingham Road in 1962 and lived in the same house (no.225) until I left for North Wales in 1985. I have many happy memories of living there, going to the Primary and Junior schools in Dunsham Lane and playing in the Alfred Rose Park, especially playing the Pitch and Putt golf (...Read full memory)

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