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Memories of Barry Island

I remember the Donkeys in Barry Island very well some times i used to go for a ride on a donkey on the beach at Barry. That was many years a go when i was young we used to go to Barry Island quite often on day or afternoon trips as we lived in the Rhondda Valley. Not far from the coast. Also to Porthcawl and sometimes to Aberavon.

I recall as a kid jumping into the water from these platforms, and the call of the beach inspector over the load speaker system 'Attention on the beach and promenade, will the parents of guardians of XXXX please come to the beach inspector's office which is situated in the centre of the promenade'. Now who would lose their kids today!

On a bank holiday my mother would take us to Barry on the train. We would spend lots of time in the beach then go on the shows, we'd have a great time. My dream was to go in to Butlins, I'd see the kids playing in the outdoor pool, I wish I could have gone in there. When I got older and had kids of my own I took them there, (...Read full memory)

Redbrink Crescent, Barry Island was where Emma Ellen Mitchell and her husband James John Mitchell lived, these house were built by James Michell's father, the mariner John Maerdin Mitchell. My dad was born at no 36 in 01 July 1920, while my grandfather Sydney worked the local shipbuilders. (...Read full memory)

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